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I write romantic comedy and romantic suspense, and sometimes I mix the two! Welcome to my website. Here you’ll be able to find out about my books, read extracts and discover how I was inspired to write them.

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Something Wicked

My new novella, Something Wicked, is out now!


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What You’re Proposing

Five stories, one band, one whole heap of trouble…

A new series of romantic comedy short stories, which started with The Indecent Proposal (download here for free), now continues with The Accidental Proposal.

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You can read my novels in any order, although some characters appear in more than one book.

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Why Do Fools Fall in Love is set in Bath. A beautiful city, famed for its Roman baths, there is always some kind of filming going on, from costume dramas to detective thrillers. This inspired me to write about Shelby, the reluctant minder to a famous actor.

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes is about Caitlin, a hotelier accused of murdering her husband. I had the idea to write it after joining a gym.

For A Girl’s Best Friend I wanted to create a kind of ‘anti-heroine’ and came up with Danielle, who has been so let down by the people in her life, she feels diamonds are the only thing she can depend on.

Breathless was inspired by my passion for family history. The only thing keeping Lainey in Port Rell is her dream of finding the long lost wreck of the Mary Eliza. But what if an ancient wreck isn’t the only thing waiting to be discovered?

My latest novel, Nemesis, is about Natalie, whose obsession with solving an old, notorious murder might very well be the death of her.

Something Wicked is my new novella about Kat, who is so determined not to believe in those things that go bump in the night, she soon finds herself in real danger.

And finally, What You’re Proposing is a new series of romantic comedy short stories, starting with The Indecent Proposal.

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Something Wicked What You're Proposing

A Room of

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New Covers!

Breathless and Nemesis have been given brand new covers.

Nemesis Breathless

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