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Freebies & Price Promotions

There’s nothing more infuriating than buying something only to find it on sale the following week. Here you will find notification of any upcoming freebies or price promotions, usually a couple of weeks in advance. If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, I also publish details of free books and price reductions as they happen.

The price of my books may go up and down but they are not often free. The exception to this is The Indecent Proposal, which should be permanently free, depending on the retailer.

Free Short Story

You can currently download The Indecent Proposal from Smashwords for free or read it on Wattpad. You can also download it from Amazon UK or Amazon USA, as well as other ebook retailers such as Kobo and iTunes, although I can't guarantee it will be free on all sites, as it is up to each company to decide how  much they will charge.

What You're Proposing

If you have signed up with Amazon for Kindle Unlimited you can read most of my books for free:

Amazon UK (Author Page)

Amazon USA (Author Page)

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes A Girl's Best Friend Breathless Something Wicked

Kindle Unlimited

Why Do Fools Fall In Love Nemesis

Free book!

Why Do Fools Fall In Love

Why Do Fools Fall in Love will be free to download from 5th to 16th February 2019 (inclusive).

Amazon UK

Amazon USA