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Sunlounger 1 & 2

Sunlounger is an anthology featuring over forty short stories by some of your favourite authors (including me!). It came out during the summer of 2013 and was hugely popular - it got right up to #13 in the Amazon top 100. It even has its own website, crammed full of holiday tips.

Anyway, we had so much fun, we did it all over again!

An Indecent Proposal appeared as a long short story in the original Sunlounger anthology. Megan loves reading celebrity magazines, until she finds herself in one - the drawback to dating rock star, Ryan March. The story is set in Sorrento, Italy.

(You can also buy a slightly longer version of this story, The Indecent Proposal, as a separate novella here)

In An Accidental Proposal we meet Ryan's friend Luca, who has walked out on the band mid-tour and headed off to New Orleans. Disgraced gossip columnist Gaby is determined to find out why; while her sister Pris is equally determined to have the best holiday ever. Find out what happens in Sunlounger 2.

(You can also buy a slightly longer version of this story, The Accidental Proposal, as a separate novella here)

You can read a post I wrote for the Sunlounger blog, on why rock stars make the best romantic heroes: Perfectly Imperfect

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The Accidental Proposal (Sunlounger 2) on Pinterest